Where to Start?


Boarding schools have a whole-school approach with strong communication between academic staff and those providing pastoral care this ensures that any problems can be dealt with quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

UK Boarding School Benefits
A student’s experience at a UK boarding school builds confidence, broadens their outlook and helps them become a strong candidate for top universities worldwide.
The UK Education System
UK boarding schools focus on developing the whole student, pupils are allowed time to focus on what they are good at both academic and in sport, drama, art, music and enjoy developing their skills and talents.
The Curriculum
Various qualifications exist including GCSEs, GCE AS-levels and A-levels, BTEC qualifications, International Baccalaureate, Cambridge Pre-University (Pre-U) Diploma and AQA Baccalaureate
Age To Start?
The best age to start will depend on personal circumstances, our schools take boarders from age 7 to 18 years.
School Types
Mostly the school type is dependent on the age of your child, the options are Prep School, Senior School Sixth Form College, International Study Centre or State Boarding school.
Role Education Consultant
After our initial meeting or telephone conversation with you when we will ask about your child, their academic ability, strengths and interests, whether they need learning or language support
The Application Process
Find out what is required for enrolment to Year 7, Year 9, students not sitting the Common Entrance, ISEB Common Pre-Test and entry to year 12.
Forces Boarding
A boarding school education is a serious consideration for British Forces families to ensure stability of education for their children.

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