UK may be changing direction but our schools remain the same


I would like to reassure those considering a UK Boarding School for their children that the EU Referendum result last week will not change the welcome UK schools provide for the international students that join our schools from countries across the world.

Our schools have a global outlook, the combination of UK students and students from around the world creates a truly international dimension. The appreciation of diverse cultures, religions and politics, the opportunities for students to connect and network with others from across the globe is a significant part of what makes our schools a unique education opportunity.

As we prepare students for life in a global society and success in a global economy, we welcome the contribution international students make and aim to ensure that they have the best possible preparation and support they need as they progress on to university.

The Anderson Education team are proud of the schools that they work with who have always supported students from Europe and the wider global community. 

The welcome that European and International students receive in the UK will remain unchanged!
Posted: 29.06.2016

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