UK Boarding Schools Tour Middle East


The UK Boarding School Tours of the Middle East aim to meet families interested in UK schools to offer impartial help and guidance on the best boarding school for each child.

The UK Boarding Schools Tours will visit:

Saudi Arabia  November 2018 to be confirmed
Kuwait January 2019 to be confirmed
Bahrain January 2019 to be confirmed
Oman January 2019 to be confirmed


Please check our website nearer the time for confirmed dates, times and venues!

The pre-Tour promotion includes newspaper and radio interviews and daily Tour progress updates. News items in local newspapers, poster and internet promotion all provide accurate and clear information for families living and working in the Middle East.

"The boarding environment bridged the gap between home and university, many day school students that I met found university life challenging - I felt well prepared" - Sophie, former boarder

As word spreads and the importance of the Tours become widely known, many families are eager to meet us to talk through the important decision of which boarding school to choose.

If you are interested in boarding schools, summer schools or language programmes make sure you come along and talk to us.


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