Dean Close boarding is a truly great experience!


Boarding here is a truly great experience! Everyone can find something they like to do with their friends because of the wide variety of activities and fun on offer for boarding pupils. After a day at school, I can come back and relax at the boarding house it’s just like home. Sometimes we have milkshake, toasty and cake nights provided by the matrons. I love boarding because of the generosity, not only of the matrons and ‘gappers’, but also my housemaster who provides us with all the things we need at all times.

The boarding community is a hub for socialising and fun, with regular trips to cinemas, bowling alleys, theme parks and many more. Being a boarder does not mean being confined to the boarding house, often we all go into the town shopping or have a bite to eat. Once a week Year 8 boarders can also walk down to the nearby Tesco to spend £2.50 on tuck and on Wednesdays we can all have tuck from the cupboard downstairs.

Being a boarder has helped me make close friendships, improve my social skills and increase my confidence. When I first arrived here I was very timid and shy but now after two years, I am very grateful for how the place has changed my view and improved my interactions with fellow students.

Twins: Hugh and Edward – boarders at Dean Close School

Posted: 22.04.2016

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