At what age will you be considering boarding?


This may depend on your family circumstances; you should take in to consideration the year group of entry, for an expatriate family that may have frequent moves it is important to ensure stability of education, particularly for the two year GCSE and Sixth Form programmes. Entry to Year 9 (age 14) is popular as it gives the child one academic year to settle in to boarding life, make friends and get to know the teachers before selecting their GCSE options for Years 10 and 11.

“Thank you very much; I am extremely grateful to Anderson Education for the help they gave to me to get my boys in to a good school.  I will make sure I pass my experience to my friends who want to educate their children in the UK. Thanks so much

Entry to Year 12 (the Sixth Form) is a good stepping stone to university as it encourages independence in a safe secure environment and provides the opportunity for students to visit university open days.  From our experience, younger boarders from the age of 7 or 8 settle quickly in to the prep school boarding environment; the schools are smaller and very family-orientated with bright, cosy shared bedrooms and lots of games and fun activities at weekends and in the evenings. Prep schools are very good at supporting young boarders and helping them to settle quickly.

boarding schools have a mix of traditional buildings and modern
boarding in a school in a town location
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We have visited over 350 boarding schools across the UK, this first hand knowledge enables us to help you in your search for the best school for your child.  We recommend schools for your consideration, arrange for prospectuses to be sent to you, encourage you to short list, make the appointments for you to visit - help every step of the way!


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